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USED Wire Rack Decking
Factory surplus rivet rack bulk sheving with New wood decking
Preferred Equipment Line Card
Red Links are NEW Equipment and Green Links are USED Equipment
 Bulk Storage Racks
     Rivet Storage Racks
     Wide Span Shelving

     Drawer Cabinets
     Storage Cabinets

 Carts & Tucks
     Canvas Hamper Trucks
     Hand Trucks
     Platform Trucks
     Shelf Carts
     Stock Picking Carts
     Wire Carts & Rolling Shelves

 Casters & Wheels
     Rigid Casters
     Swivel Casters
     Wheels, All Types

     Collapsible Containers
     Parts Storage Bins
     Stacking Bins, Steel/Plastic
     Tote Boxes, Stack/Nest
     Wire Containers

     Ball Transfers
     Flexible Skate & Roller
     Gravity Roller
     Gravity Skatewheel
     Incline Belts
     Powered Belt
     Powered Roller
     Corrugated Metal
     Wire Rack Decks

 Dock Equipment
     Dock Boards & Plates
     Dock Levelers & Lifts
     Dock Seals & Shelters

 Drawer Units
     Modular Drawer Cabinets
     Modular Drawer Shelving
     Parts Drawer Shelving

     Manipulator Arms
     Overhead Cranes
     Scissor Lifts
     Specialized Lift Systems

 Flow Rack
     Battery Flow Racks
     Carton Flow Racks
     Pallet Flow Racks

 Hoists & Cranes
     Bridge Cranes
     Hoist Systems

 Lift Equipment
     Pallet Trucks
     Scissor Lifts
     Free Standing Structural
     Multi-Level Offices
     Rack Supported
     Shelving Supported

 Order Picking
     Anti-Fatigue Matting
     Rolling Ladders
     Stock Picking Carts

 Packaging Systems
     Carton Tapers
     Pallet Stretch Wrappers
     Shrink Tunnels

 Safety & Hazmat
     Flammable Storage Cabinets
     Spill Containment

     Bench Scales
     Conveyor Scales
     Platform Scales

 Shop Equipment
     Air Compressors
     In-Plant Offices
     Personnel Lockers
     Rolling Ladders
     Strip Curtain Doors
     Wire Partition Rooms
 Storage Racks
     Cantilever Racks
     Drive-In Racks
     Drive-Thru Racks
     Pallet Flow Racks
     Record Storage Racks
     Selective Pallet Racks
     Stacking Racks
     Tire Storage Racks
     Wire Reel Racks

 Storage Shelving
     Adjustable Steel Shelves
     Automotive Parts Bins
     Plastic Shelving
     Wire Shelving

 Warehouse Systems
     Automotive Parts Systems
     Multi-Level Pick Systems
     Order Picking Systems
     Pallet Storage & Retrieval
     Parts Storage & Retrieval
     Sortation Systems

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