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USED Wire Rack Decking
Factory surplus rivet rack bulk sheving with New wood decking

A. Height: Measure the vertical dimensions of the pallet, pallet load and beam. Add an extra 4" to 6" clearance between bottom of beam above and top of load on pallet. Top beam should be a minimum of 6" less than the lifting height of your forklift.

B. Depth: Measure the depth of the pallet. Pallet should overhang the frame by 3" front and back. (Example: for a 48" deep pallet use a 42" deep frame.)

C. Width: Measure the width of the load and pallet, and use the greater of the two. Add 3" to 4" between loads and between loads and upright frame to determine correct beam length. Select beams with a capacity equal to or greater than the total load of each level.

D. Frame Capacity: Add the total weight of all loads for each bay (exclude the pallets on the floor).

E. A common frame should be used between each of the sections.

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